Virtual Online Class

Class Description

Starting Monday April 6, 2020 and due to the unforeseen COVID-19 forcing us to suspend all in-person courses until further, Barre Thirty is offering HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is hot, but smart HIIT is even better! Tabata GX™ will help the fit to get fitter. But more importantly, it will help those new members to get fit safely and faster!



Tabata GX™ explains the science and provides the system and the sizzle with a variety of timing protocols and fun exercise progressions that are easily implemented in a group exercise class environment. Tabata GX™ provides a smart and effective patterning principle that takes into account every aspect of work to rest ratio and timing knowledge for a program that grows over time.


Class will be hosted in a private Facebook group. Class price is $30 per month. Please note, each month you will not automatically be renewed. Please contact us at the end of the month to sign up back and get a new invite to the Facebook group.

To sign up, please contact us via email or phone. Information is below. Thank you for being the best part of Barre Thirty.


(per month)


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